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The Summer Seagull

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Hello everyone,

This is Tyler and this is our first blog.

We will have topics about the love of God for us and what concerns us kids the most. We are in the “pre-teen” group and are aware of many things, but we know that every year our brain is going to expand with all the extra knowledge we will be getting when we go back to school and all that homework! That’s why we are enjoying the rest of this summer just chilling by the pool or the beach.

The other day while I was at the beach with my family, for a minute I laid down on the blanket next to my Mom.

I opened my eyes to see the beautiful blue sky, but instead I was distracted by a seagull diving into the ocean, Then in a few seconds he came back out of the water with a fish in his beak, just like that! I thought, "Wow! He has to be an expert to dive like that, or maybe it's a she for that matter. "

If it is a she, she must have done this many times before to be that good. Then I pondered about God’s amazing creation and different abilities He gave all of us. I closed my eyes one more time and tried to rest. Then I opened them again to check out the animal shapes the clouds were forming. I could see the shape of a big and fluffy sheep. Then I saw what looked like a bear. And then I saw what looked like a beautiful angel with large wings and a long robe. I guess my brain was insisting on growing more, even when I wanted to rest.

Well, when we got back home I thought of the seagull. She was sure catching that fish for someone else since she didn’t eat it. Instead she carried it away. Maybe she was bringing it to her young, or maybe it was a he for that matter. Do male birds feed their young too? Write to me and let me know. Oh well, enjoy the rest of your summer!


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